Author and environmentalist

I am a NZ author and committed environmentalist. I am also a medical doctor (specialist in rheumatology) and have been active in university teaching and medical research for 30 years.

I have published 2 books so far: “The Quiet Forest: The Case against aerial 1080” (Tross Publishing 2017) is non-fiction and addresses the use of 1080 (a potent poison) that is being distributed by helicopter over vast tracts of New Zealand native forest with profound consequences for the ecosystem.

I have moved from there to children’s magical fiction. The “Adventures of Roderick” series is for 6 – 12 year olds – although also enjoyed by adults. The first book is “Roderick and the Wizard of Endor” (Tross Publishing 2019). The second book in the series “Roderick and the Creeping Evil” is finished and pre-publication work is progressing.

See updates on this site soon for Excerpts.