The Adventures of Roderick series

In his own words…..

Greetings!  My name is Roderick and I would like to tell you about my adventures in the magical land of Endor and beyond.

I left my home on the Mountain some time ago when it was destroyed by a huge landslip. Sadly, everything was swept away. But fortunately, I didn’t have to remain alone as I was joined by my friend, Pepin. She is a very clever squirrel and indeed rather extraordinary in many ways. We followed a path up the Mountain when we became lost in the mist. A voice whispered in my ear, (making me jump!!) and led us to a cave for shelter. The voice belonged to Percy, an excellent fellow who was made invisible due to enchantment. You see he had come across leprechaun gold … and let me tell you that if you ever see such a thing …. DO NOT TOUCH IT!! Sadly, Percy had no warning of the danger and he did touch it and immediately became completely invisible. Pepin and I decided to try and help him. We passed from the ordinary world into the land of Endor – a strange place where you can see elves and tree spirits (called dryads) and many other magical beings. We were told that we should try and find the great Wizard of Endor as only he could break the spell. And so we set out for the Mountains of Endor to look for the wizard’s castle. Those adventures are described in the first book of the Adventures of Roderick series, called “Roderick and the Wizard of Endor” – available on Amazon as e-book and audiobook and in paperback from

The second book of the series is called “Roderick and the Creeping Evil”. This tells the next part of the story. Pepin and I are joined by Percy’s daughter, Harriet who was called out of the human world by the wizard. The entire kingdom of Endor was under threat because of a horrible thing called “the Creeping Evil”. This causes depair and darkness, and can leak between worlds if it is not opposed. The wizard himself was gravely ill, but in a last attempt to save the castle and all its inhabitants, he and the other Weavers established a ‘Pattern’, around it for protection. Those who remained within were safe, but frozen in time. Then, as the Creeping Evil encircled the castle, Harriet, Pepin and I were lifted away from the battlements by the Ravens of Fardelain to begin a long and arduous journey. We were searching for Anoushka, a strange and ancient creature who was said to live “beyond time”. Only she would have the power to defeat the Evil. Our journey took us to an island where we met a giant and very wise turtle, and then to the shores of the Lake of Dreams. There, Harriet was kidnapped and imprisoned by goblins. After many more adventures, we did eventually find Anoushka, but Tam of the Olerai had been following us, hoping to use Anoushka’s power for his own gain. As predicted by the Eidish Stone, the fate of the world turned upon a Moment of Destiny when Tam had to decide which path he would choose. This book is available thought the same channels as the first, as described above.

The third book in this series is called “Roderick and the Faraway Voices”. This time Pepin, Harriet and I are called to the world of the Seven Stars where we encounter someone we have met before (but I cannot tell you who). The mysterious Weavers help us once again as we endeavour to right the wrongs afflicting that world and restore the rightful ruler to his throne.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures.

Wishing you the very best