The Adventures of Roderick series

In his own words…..

Greetings to all publishers, literary agents and distributors!  My name is Roderick and I would like to tell you about my adventures in the magical land of Endor and beyond. I left my home on the Mountain some time ago and travelled with my friends Pepin, who is a squirrel, and Percy, a man rendered invisible by enchantment, to find the Wizard of Endor. After many adventures, including a terrifying encounter with the beast known as the Hestrum, we reached the wizard’s castle and Percy was freed from the charm that bound him. He returned to his home in the human world. A book has been written and published about our travels, called “Roderick and the Wizard of Endor” (Tross Publishing).

The second book of the ‘The Adventures of Roderick’ series tells how Percy’s daughter Harriet was called out of the human world to come to our aid. The wizard’s castle and indeed the entire kingdom were being overtaken by the Creeping Evil. This terrible thing causes depair and darkness, and can leak between worlds if it is not opposed. The wizard himself was slowly dying, but in a last attempt to save the castle and all its inhabitants, he and the other Weavers established a ‘Pattern’, around it for protection. Those who remained within were safe, but frozen in time. Then, as the Creeping Evil encircled the castle, we were lifted away from the battlements by the Ravens of Fardelain and began a long journey to save the Kingdom. We had been advised to find Anoushka, a strange and ancient creature who lives “beyond time”. Only she would have the power to defeat the Evil. Our journey took us to an island where we met a giant and very wise turtle, and then to the shores of the Lake of Dreams. There, Harriet was kidnapped and imprisoned by goblins. After many more adventures, we did eventually find Anoushka, but Tam of the Olerai had been following us, hoping to use Anoushka’s power for his own gain. As predicted by the Eidish Stone, the fate of the world turned upon a Moment of Destiny when Tam was called to decide which path he would choose.

Wishing you the very best